• Local honey for health, strength and more!

    Posted on 17th March 2014

    A farmer was explaining to me the other day about the benefits of eating local honey as opposed to getting honey that wasn’t indigenous to the local population. He said that local (to the user) honey helps with allergies such…

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  • Weight training considerations for females

    Posted on 6th October 2013

    In this article I would like to discuss some points to consider for females when training with weights / resistance. Some issues like ‘bulking up’, ‘getting manly’, ‘injuries’, ‘excess protein’ are all topics of interest and concern. I will try…

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    Posted on 28th August 2013

    I guess most people that are reading this will agree that to increase basic static strength the standard ‘big’ lifts are best i.e. squats, rows, presses and pulls. Here at PFP we sometimes add some ‘tweaks’ to these same lifts…

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  • Gurus, steroids and misinformation!

    Posted on 14th June 2013

    This is an extract from a discussion on my face book page that recently caused some interested debate. Trainers, coaches and physical gurus that preach ‘natural’ muscle gain / fat loss / performance enhancement etc, really ought to tell their…

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  • The real life of a figure competitor – part 6

    Posted on 2nd June 2013

    This is my 6th Blog about my journey to compete with the British Natural Body-building Federation (BNBF) as a figure competitor which is kind of toned down body building. Since my last blog I have had my body fat measured…

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  • Annoying personal trainer / training stuff – a personal view!

    Posted on 12th May 2013

    It dawned on me recently that we trainer types are a strange bunch. We teach and preach health, physical activity, strength, fitness and so on but often we are not exactly being honest or telling the whole truth. Here are…

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  • The real life of a female Body Builder – part 5

    Posted on 26th April 2013

    This is my 5th blog about my journey to compete as a figure competitor with the British National Body-Building Federation (BNBF). Since my last blog I have been away on holiday for a week. I was able to use this…

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  • Healthy and affordable skincare…

    Posted on 21st April 2013

    PFP note: ‘This is a blog written by a recent client addition at PFP, Katie Reeves. On an initial consultation and body fat test (Biosignature) we discussed how some ingredients in certain beauty products can cause a hormonal imbalance. She…

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  • The real life of a Figure Competitor – part 4

    Posted on 14th March 2013

    This is the 4th blog about my journey to compete as a figure competitor with the British National Body-Building Federation (BNBF) in July this year. In my last blog I discussed the type of training I was doing which was ‘Full…

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  • PFP Precision Fitness and Performance – Geek Day !

    Posted on 8th March 2013

    This is a guest blog by Adam Stansbury who is one of the guys that came to the ‘Training and Nutritional knowledge internship’ at PFP last weekend. He is a natural body builder and PT and is one of a handful…

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