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The real life of a female body builder – part 3

This blog is all about my journey to compete as a figure competitor at the BNBF (British Natural Bodybuilding Federation) at the Welsh qualifier in July this year.

Last week I spoke about starting off this new phase of training which is back to a ‘full body training method’ to reduce body fat. I also spoke about having my body fat measurements done after the initial 4 week block of a ‘building phase’ in which I did a 4 way split, namely chest, back, legs and arms.

This week I am into week 2 of the ‘Full body training’. To be honest this week has been a real struggle. I was ill for 2 days towards the end of last week so had to miss a session at the gym, luckily one of the two days was a scheduled rest day anyway. I hate being ill like anyone does but also hate not training!!! My coach James Buckingham of Precision Fitness & Performance (PFP) advised I was better to stay at home and take it easy. I made sure that I stayed on top of my nutrition for those 2 days.

It would have been very easy to stray and sit in front of the TV with a bar or 3 of Chocolate and a cream cake to make myself feel better (which I was most definitely craving) but had to stay focused and say NO!!! Instead I had fish, greens, nuts and so on, oh well, boring I know! I also made sure I kept up with  my supplements, multi vitamins, glutamine and fish oil to try and shift this bug as soon as I could. Luckily after 2 days I was pretty much back to normal, back in the gym and feeling  much healthier and happier.

Being a mum of two young boys I must admit it isn’t easy doing all this, it can get very stressful at times. I have bad days like anyone does and this week especially I wanting to pack it all in! Trying to find the time to be good mum, and be a body builder is hard.  At the moment I am potty training my oldest boy and just started weaning the youngest so it is ‘full on’ all the time. I am sure if you ask any mum out there they will tell you how hard it can be at times. On top of this, fitting the required training and thinking about my nutrition sometimes I want to scream!! However I know if I gave it up I would regret it and be damn miserable because this is what I love to do, so giving it up…ohhh I wouldn’t like to live with me!!!

At the end of this week I am having my body fat measured again, hopefully I will have dropped by another percentage, fingers crossed!!! James is changing my training again at the end of this week, back to another 3 week ‘Building Phase’ which I am SO SO  happy about as I love lifting big heavy weights.

Next week I will discuss my body fat measurements and how the new phase of training is going. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog 🙂 x

James / PFP note: We did Lucy’s body composition measurements and she had added 1.2 kg of muscle and lost 1.3% body fat in 2 weeks. This is especially impressive as this phase was focused mainly on fat loss. Of course one of the principles of fat loss is to, at the very least  maintain muscle (for males and females, not just body builders). We are keen to ensure that the fat loss is gradual and sustained so that on the day of the competition she is back down to her stage %, which we want to be between 3 – 4% as she was in 2011.

Lucy is genetically quite gifted and can get lean and add muscle relatively easily as her DHEA levels are probably very high (her tricep site will be lower than 6mm). Also she truly is a bit of a machine and will train at a ferocious intensity which is required for her sport to maximise fat loss and build lean muscle.

A ‘full body workout’ is the ‘go to’ method of training for her and will appear periodically throughout her training plan till July. People that want to cut fat and at least maintain muscle should also consider this method. If done correctly and with a well constructed program most people can also add muscle with out resorting to a body builder type split.