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The real life of a female Body Builder – part 5

This is my 5th blog about my journey to compete as a figure competitor with the British National Body-Building Federation (BNBF).

Since my last blog I have been away on holiday for a week. I was able to use this as a rest/recovery week. I only trained twice for about 30 minutes, really to maintain what I had and not get out of condition. I relaxed on the nutrition as well, I didn’t go completely nuts even though I was tempted by the amount of cake and creamy deserts that were on display! I was good for the first 2 days, eating only meat and veg. After those initial few days however I indulged in some deserts in the evening…it was like heaven after having nothing nice to eat for the past 12 weeks!

My coach / trainer James Buckingham from (PFP Exeter) measured my body fat before I went away. He wanted me down to between 6-7% but I only managed to get to 8%. I was a bit gutted that I wasn’t lower but he said it was fine and he was happy with the progress I had made. When I returned from holiday he measured it again and I had gone up to 8.8%. I was actually quite surprised as I thought I would have put on more so I was happy with that. I had however also lost 0.7 kg of very hard gained muscle…damn!

I am now in to the final 11 weeks of training prior to the competition, everything now steps up a gear. James has changed my programs again back to a ‘Full body conditioning’ phase for the next 2 weeks to strip off the added holiday fat and lean me up further prior to another ‘build phase’.

My nutrition now has to be spot on. I am making sure that I am getting enough protein on board, which for me is about 160g from animal protein over the day. I have also stopped snacking between meals. I was eating a few nuts and ‘picking’ as I got hungry but can’t do that now, just have to stay disciplined until my next meal! The plan is to go 21 days without any carb loading meal at all. This is to ‘recalibrate’ me after the holiday and will make fat loss so much easier further down the line. To keep me energised and healthy James has asked me to increase fat consumption. So I cook everything in butter or coconut butter. I also eat alot of heart or liver in the morning.

I have started to work on my posing which we all have to do on stage. It doesn’t come naturally to me and is something I have to practice. We all do 4 compulsory poses so I must make sure I have them nailed. Also I have to perform my own  routine on stage, so I am also working on putting that together. Weirdly, every time I walk pass a mirror I find myself looking and judging myself…can’t help it, I want to be the best that I can be on that stage!!!

As it’s getting closer to ‘show day’ in July James will be is constantly changing things around, my body fat and lean body mass will be measured more often. This allows us to change things such as training and nutrition if they are not working as anticipated. I know from experience that we will not ramp training frequency up completely for a while yet for fear of burning out and illness.

In my next blog I will discuss how the trainings going and my latest body fat measurements. Thanks for reading 🙂

PFP note: The plan was to try to get Lucy down to around 6% body fat prior to her week off on holiday. This didn’t quite work, but she got to 8%, not to shabby only training 5 x per week with 12 weeks still left to D day.

Because she didn’t quite meet the 6% target, her initial planned ‘carb fest’ on holiday had to be curbed sightly! We agreed on carbs in the evening and 2-3 quick training sessions over the holiday week.

She is now getting close to the sharp end of the training and preparation. Everything will have to tighten up from now as the plan is to peak at less than 5% body fat. Nutrition, training, rest, carb loading, supplements, body fat, lean body mass (muscle) and hormonal balance will have to be meticulously adhered to and monitored. We generally use a Biosignature analysis and skin-fold measurement test to help us decide how to keep on track. This can be very useful and we check it after each planned training block. We can tweak things like nutrition, training and supplements if needed depending on the results of the testing.

Currently Lucy has a slight estrogen ratio imbalance that may be causing her to store some fat in her legs. Although she is still freakishly lean at her hamstring at 11mm she can get to 7.5mm so with certain nutritional additions and some specific supplements we can target this issue. Also her belly fat is taking it’s time to shift but I guess that’s due to a baby being brewed in there 6 month ago although at 7mm it is pretty good!

I would like to stress that she is completely drug free.