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The Real life of a Figure Competitor (part 2)

This is my second weekly blog about my journey to compete as a Figure Competitor with the British Natural Body-building Federation (BNBF) in July this year. In last weeks blog I wrote about my initial ‘building phase’ which lasted 4 weeks. At the end of those initial 4 weeks I was having my body fat and muscle mass tested. Well, this was done last Sunday by my coach James Buckingham at Precision Fitness and Performance (PFP)

The overall results were really good, I had dropped 1½ % of body fat and put on 1 kg of muscle. When I got the results initially I was a little disappointed that I hadn’t lost more body fat but James reminded me that the last 4 weeks had been a ‘building phase’ so the idea was to obviously build muscle which I did, one whole kilo of it so happy days!

The body fat is measured at 12 different sites around the body. One site, my hamstring was still high, the measurement hadn’t changed as much as I wanted from the previous reading 4 weeks ago! This worried me a bit but James explained that this may be due to a number of factors one of which could be an Oestrogen imbalance. This next ‘full body training’ block will probably help as full body training produces a lot of lactic acid which in turn increases Growth Hormone (GH)production and as such rips out fat quickly. We will see how it reads in 2 weeks time at my next body fat test. If it hasn’t dropped by then he will change some micro-nutrients to help sort it out. My belly fat reading is also relatively high, let’s see if it drops as expected in 2 weeks as well!

The next 2 weeks block is specifically designed to cut fat as a priority but also to maintain the muscle. So the important thing for this period is to keep to a high protein/high fat diet. This will maintain (or increase) the muscle I have gained over the last 4 weeks and my energy levels should remain high due to the high ‘good fat’ content of the diet. Strangely James insists that I eat more not less, so long as it is the right stuff of course!

So phase 2 of my training has started. James has changed my programs to include 2 days of full body workouts with weights and every third day being a specifically designed CV session, which I absolutely HATE, HATE, HATE!!! I am not a CV person, but for this phase it has to be done so I just have to get on with it! This will continue for 2 weeks, after which I will have my body fat / muscle mass measured again and my programs will also change to another build phase.

It’s only been 4 ½ weeks since I started and I can already see massive changes to my physique which I’m really happy with. It just shows that if you are strict with what you eat, train hard / smart and get yourself a good coach who knows what their are talking about you can achieve your goals.

Next week I’ll chat about how this phase is going. Many thanks for taking the time to read my blog X 🙂