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Random tips for Personal Trainers

I have been asked to give a presentataion about the life of a PT to a group of  possible future trainers at Exeter college tomorrow. One of the topics I have been asked to cover is ‘top tip’ that may help these guys when they qualify…So here are my thoughts so far, random order:

1. Look the part, if you are fat and weak why would a person train with you.
2. Train hard, people like to see trainers practising what they preach.
3. Be confident but not arrogant, its about the client not you, the trainer.
4. Get some basic marketing sorted – business cards, simple website, give seminars and free taster sessions, remember peoples names (I used to have a book with peoples names in and a brief discription of them to help me remember who they were…wierd but it worked!!!) and be polite but not pushy.
5. Keep a record of your income and expenses – tax is applicable to us all, if you hate the paper work get an accountant.
6. Record all training, rehab, therapy, nutrition advise etc, if a trainer hasnt got a folder with ther clients previous and current workouts in then he / she is giving the client a poor service. How can you ensure progression or indeed recovery / back off training if you have no plan (previous or current)…if you have a photographic memory then disregard this point!
7. Education, education, education, things and methods change therefore keep learning, do research and attend seminars and seek advice from proven experts.
8. A hell of a lot of stuff that is on the web is crap so beware of fads and micky mouse training…there seriously is a lot of crap out there! If someone is talking nutrition and is fat, if someone is talking strength and is weak, if someone talks training but hardly trains themselves. Generally the worse the trainer the more crap they talk and the more so called functional gimmicks they will use!!! Ops Im starting to sound like I should reread point 3!!! 
9.  Be open minded about things, people and your fellow professionals, try the lastest bit of kit (power plate, swiss ball, power ball, viper, bosu). Try that latest workout etc. Just because you dont like / understand / use / train like someone else doesnt mean that they are wrong, or indeed that you are right…be open minded, try things, you may think hey thats good…or not!!!
10. Get results!!!

Im sure there is many more points that could make that random list and I shall encourage the students to make their own, but for now that’ll do, the rugby is about to start and Im knackered from squats!

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James Buckingham