• Reasons why our training efforts may not work!

    Posted on 26th April 2011

    “Are you training hard mate”? This is a fairly standard question from fellow gym users. Normally followed up with “what are you doing today”. The reply will often be “a bit of chest and guns”. I am not sure why…

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  • Dumb periodisation – hindsight!

    Posted on 18th April 2011

    Before I learnt about periodisation, super compensation, back off periods, de-loading, in season training, GAS effect of training etc, in fact before I knew my arse from my elbow I was doing some form of periodisation by default! Clever except…

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  • Weight Belts…for dudes or dorks?

    Posted on 10th April 2011

    I posed  the above question on facebook the other day and got an array of answers ranging from ‘ban the belt’ to ‘only if training heavily’ and lots in between. All good stuff to be fair and of course the…

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  • PFP athlete lifts heavy stuff and wins!

    Posted on 31st March 2011

      Here is Precision Fitness & Performance (PFP) athlete Su competing in her first powerlifting competition. She wieghed in at 63 kg on the day. She did’nt get an automatic qualification in to the nationals as her total KGs lifted…

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    Posted on 12th March 2011

    I saw quite a cool T shirt yesterday that said ‘SQUAT TILL YOU PUKE’ on the front, a great sentiment and depending on what training affect you want is probably a good idea. Most serious strength athletes, trainers, and sports…

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  • Sexy training…well mickey mouse thinks so!

    Posted on 3rd March 2011

    A swimmer approached me a while ago to get a training and nutritional strategy sorted out. He is hoping to qualify for this 2012 Olympics, happy days!!  Anyway to cut a long story short, one of the exercises he had…

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  • Stress – it’s abit of a drama! part 1

    Posted on 1st March 2011

    It has been said that we are 100 times more stressed than our forefathers. Humans are programmed to deal with stress by either ‘fight or flight’ i.e. we get in to a stressful situation, we then receive a shot of…

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  • PFP gives a nutrition presentation at Crossfit Plymouth

    Posted on 27th February 2011

    I was invited to crossfit plymouth yesterday to give their athletes a presentation about nutrition. This is the 3rd time I have presented down there and every time I have been made to feel very welcome. The team down there…

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  • Carbs – who need ’em!? (dietry intake for fat loss)

    Posted on 21st February 2011

    This is what 1800 kcals (calories) looks like. Broken down as follows: -Protein:   170grams -Fats:          40 grams -Carbs:       60 grams -Water:      2.5 litres -Fishoil:    10grams -Multivitamins x 3 -Green drink’ (wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, mint) to alkalise (see previous…

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  • Is it possible to eat to much meat?

    Posted on 16th February 2011

    A colleague asked me yesterday if it’s possible to eat too much meat. It’s a difficult question to answer (especially by text) so I thought a wee blog would help both him and me investigate. These are simply my thoughts…

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