• Presentation at Exeter college

    Posted on 15th February 2011

    Mid flow at Exeter college yesterday, a good bunch of students. Thanks to Charlotte Hayes and Jon Hill for looking after me!!! Always scarey when waffling to youths!!!

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  • Random tips for Personal Trainers

    Posted on 13th February 2011

    I have been asked to give a presentataion about the life of a PT to a group of  possible future trainers at Exeter college tomorrow. One of the topics I have been asked to cover is ‘top tip’ that may…

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  • Build Blood and the Muscles will follow!!!

    Posted on 29th January 2011

    Further to the recent blog ‘Acid – alkaline balance’ in which I waffled on about the need to assist our body to maintain a PH of 7.4 and to help keep out ‘inner terrain’ at this level we should  balance our…

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  • Acid – Alkaline balancing

    Posted on 26th January 2011

    There are a lot of studies around these days about acid – alkaline balancing and how we ought to strive for a more alkaline ‘internal environment’. Our bodies strive to keep our PH (acid – alkaline level) at around 7.4 and…

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  • Fish oil – It’s all good!!!

    Posted on 25th January 2011

    Eskimos, they seem pretty healthy right!? Most of their nutrition is derived from fats and protein from fish. They don’t go in for the so called ‘healthy’ low fat, low cholesterol, sugar free, lactose free, cereal type foods do they? Part of the reason that…

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