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Annoying personal trainer / training stuff – a personal view!

It dawned on me recently that we trainer types are a strange bunch. We teach and preach health, physical activity, strength, fitness and so on but often we are not exactly being honest or telling the whole truth. Here are a few examples of  what could be considered misleading / annoying / wrong / misinformed:

If you are training people to get lean then surely it only proper that you are lean yourself. Don’t preach what you are not prepared to be / do yourself…a lot of that is going on!

If you preach how to gain muscle ‘naturally’ then don’t be on the ‘juice’. If you are then tell your clients / audience so that they know and therefore will not expect unrealistic ‘muscle mass / fat loss’ results…a lot of that going on as well!

All to often social media statuses are misleading. Is your ‘ultimate fat loss’ program really ‘ultimate’ or is your ‘original nutrition plan’ really ‘original’ or your ‘monster muscle blast’ regime of much value!? Try this program instead: Eat a lot of meat and veg, do a lot of cleans, presses, squats and chins. Maybe that advice wouldn’t sell, or maybe doesn’t sound ‘awesome’ enough so perhaps I should add some bullshit superlative to it  like – ‘beast’ ‘animal’ ‘freakish’…’bollox’!!!

Train your clients and advise them as diligently as you can…training people verses entertaining people are two very different things with very different outcomes! Micky mouse type training produces Micky mouse results!

Why fret and worry if we don’t know everything…who does! Refer trainees to relevant experts if needed. Better still, learn more stuff from said experts yourself. As a mate of mine James Marshall said today ‘be comfortable being uncomfortable’!

Try to realise that there is far more to training than body building! It seems from most magazines that if you are not doing a 4 way weekly split with a 10-12 rep range as advertised by the latest ‘roid headed beast’ then you are not training! Truth be told, some of the bodybuilder types I have trained are kinda globally surprisingly weak for thier size…just saying!!!

Realise also that standing around doing ‘proprioception activation’ on one leg on a ball at the expense of squats generally falls under the ‘entertainment’ category…or rehab.

I just asked a gym bunny friend what annoyed her about trainers methods, ‘training like court jesters’ was her reply. She further elaborated with, ‘you know, when they mess about with those rubber tube things and hop around on those floor ladders’… fair points I feel! She can do 12 full chins and full squat 1.5 x body wieght, currently 6.5% body fat.

Take an objective look at the ‘internet fitness / muscle / fat loss guru’ that everyone else seems to be following so religiously, are they really experts or simply good at marketing. If a so called guru preaches something, it immediately becomes fitness gossip, but not necessarily fitness fact! It’s a bit rubbish when some years later they change their minds, or turn out to be on steroids, or fat, or full of shit! Having said that I personally have been learning from others for years and will gratefully continue to do so…(back tracking clause)!

Are all your clients really ‘athletes’? Or are they like most of us mainly normal people that want to be leaner, healthier, fitter, more muscled etc. ‘All my athletes blah blah blah’…whatever!

If you learn something (training protocol / nutrition / rehab etc) from another professional then avoid the temptation to claim it as your own…alot of that goes! I invented the squat by the way!

If you can’t explain why you are recommending a certain training program or nutritional ethos in very simple terms you must ensure to make it as complex as possible to prove your preaching! Try not to out smart nature, eat meat, eat veg, drink water as nature indeeded for us. As the saying goes, if we can’t keep it simple then we probably don’t understand it ourselves!

Did you study philosophy from the great minds throughout history? If not why insist on social media ‘sound bites’ telling people how to live their lives and how it is their moral duty to ‘persist and endeavour, luv will set you free, reach for the stars and…blah blah blah’. Perhaps just train folks as best you can! If however you are related to Aristotle then crack on with your so sincere and inspirational posts! In fact this blog is bloody annoying!

Was your workout really soooo ‘brutal’ / ‘awesome’!? Perhaps you are not really familiar with brutal, perhaps you are in fact deluded!  By the looks on social media sites it seems that everyone everywhere is ‘smashing’ it like ‘animals’! I have to say that having attended many courses / internships / workshops over the years, truthfully I have sometimes been surprised what some folks consider to be ‘brutal’. Having said that I have personally had my ass handed to me a few times and no doubt will again!

We should practice what we preach…we don’t have to be perfect, just practice!

Random point: Ask yourself why are you doing box squats? If the answer is to act as a depth gauge for beginners / rehab or to advance your power-lifting regime then crack on. If the answer is because you saw a ‘guru’ teaching them on you tube, or that the local rugby team do loads of them, then have a rethink. You will hopefully decide to do full squats, dead lifts, good – mornings etc instead.